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BPMSport Tuned Supercharged Frozen Red M3 “REDMAU”

interior (Medium)

Here are a few pictures we snapped…

Flashback Friday Photos

A look back at some of the first photos of Mike Benvo’s M3.

BPMSport Tuned 240E Software – Dyno Results – 430HP

Originally Posted on 09/22/2012: http://www.m3post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=748613

Finally had the opportunity to try out the new 240E software on the dyno. The software was released pretty recently from BMW. In the past, my car is been pretty reliable. Never had any engine related issues, check engine light, or issues with the motor in almost 44K miles and 4.5 years of…

BPMsport S65 Refresher / E46 Build / Forensic Knock Analysis

BPMSport S65 Refresher / E46 Build / Forensic Knock Analysis


Being that the E9x M3 is the last Generation of the S65 V8, we wanted to have a “pristine” example of our 12/07 build E90 M3 Sedan. The S65 V8’s are in high demand given that the E9x M3 line is being phased out for the newer inline six turbo motors. This coupled with the ongoing bearing clearance debacles that many…

E90 Jerez Black M3 Photoshoot – BBS + Vorsteiner 19×11

Finally got around to having some shots taken of my M3.

Car: 2008 E90 M3, ~50K miles. Every option, 6MT.

There have been many mods in the last few weeks:
1) Front and Rear Cameras
2) P3 Gauge
3) Something to keep me safe from highway patrol
4) New tires (on the VS wheels), 295/30 – I’ve never had so much grip!
5) ///M Door projectors (yes it’s ricey but I couldn’t resist more M’s in my…

BPMSport Stage II M3 w/ Full Akra Track Video – Summit Point

One of our customers sent us a great track video (finally with a high quality camera!).


Just wanted to share it with you guys, enjoy the sound!

Car has the following mods:
BPMStage II Engine Software w/ Servotronic
Full Akra…

BPM M3 Takes Track Record @ Buttonwillow

We wanted to share some pictures and information of our sponsored E92 M3 Enthusiast Class track car. Rif is an extremely talented driver that tracks a few times a month, participates in many time attack events, and also for practice to better his times.

Update: Record setting 1:55 lap on Buttonwillow Video:


2011 E92 M3 6 Speed Manua…